Friday, June 24, 2011

Campbell, the chicken!!

This is the pride and joy of 'Tired Ass Acres'!
Her name is Campbell! She gets held, loved,
and carried around the yard. She even has
her picture posted on people's fridges!
She is a true chicken diva!!

Daddy and his Cinnamon!

Daddy has been working hard with Cinnamon
and it's starting to pay off! I am so proud of him!

Friday, April 22, 2011

For the Grandmas . . .

And all the other people we love . . . .

Look who is seven months old today!

He is such big stuff now and wowed his nurses by showing off how he can sit up. He still absolutely refuses to roll over . . . Laying down and playing is soooo last week. Everyone is very impressed. Especially Carson.

He officially weighs 13 lbs. 4 oz. - still a peanut!

The mo-hawk - is from his mom's side of the family. (Pun totally intended.)

 So here's to little hugs and big slobbery kisses . . . .

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bubba Rice

Quite amazingly, 12 years ago Brice came into our lives at 12:05 a.m.

He only gave us a 55 minute warning that he was coming, then grabbed the open scissors as they went to cut the cord.

Every birth has a story . . . 

I should have known back then that just being a Powers was going to be dramatic. Surviving being a Powers is going to be a miracle.

He's a little bummed today though. He can't spend his day with his most favorite person in the world.

This post is his mother's lame attempt to cheer him up. Apparently, spending the day with me isn't going to be enough.

12 Reasons we love, love, love Bricey:

1. He's a boy.

Age 11
 When I was pregnant with Mikayla (the first born), Buff wanted a boy desperately. We didn't know she was a girl until birth - and Buff cried when he held her. His little girl needed him and he was thrilled.

Two and half years later, Brice was born. Once again, we first found out he was a boy at birth - and Buff stood by the side of the bed and said, "I can die now. My life is complete."

To which his wife said, "Don't even think about it, Buddy."

2. He is careful and cautious.

He gets this from his mom. He suffers severe guilt just from jaywalking - because it's against the rules. A few more years hanging around his dad and he should be cured.
Age 9

He lives life at his own pace and very little ruffles him.  He sleeps anywhere. He listens quietly. He's always thinking about what's coming next. He doesn't get any of that from his mom. He's teaching me a thing or two.

3. He jumps.

He jumps for the Packers. He jumps for the good guys chasing the bad guys in the movies. He jumps when he's close to winning a board game. He jumps playing video games. He jumps if he knows he is going to surprise you on your birthday.

He's very skinny and he sleeps like a log.

4. He draws.

And is very good . . . if a mother can say so . . .

5. He's creative.

I mentioned he can draw, but there is more going on in his head. He can build. He can paint. He can glue. And it all looks amazing!

He'd love to learn how to cook and putting together science experiments excite him - especially if all his creativity gets to go BOOM!

Age 8
6. He will try any food.

Eating is an adventure for this kid. It's not unusual to get a call while at the grocery store to bring home an artichoke, a pomegranate, a whole coconut or a kumquat just so he can try it once.

7. And he likes his food spicy.

He quivers in the condiment aisle at the grocery store when he learns of all the hot sauce flavors he can try.

No, wait, he jumps.

8. He dreams.

And he dreams big. Just this week he mapped out his whole trip of how he wants to see the world. He even planned in time to come home and work to pay for the trip (a.k.a. visit his aging mother). It was fun to watch. Just think of all the foods he gets to try . . .

Age 8
He dreams of flying jet airplanes and army helicopters with names that contain only letters and numbers. Then when he crashes, he is going to survive off the land like Bear Grylls. He even has a shirt like Bear's to get him started.

He wants to jump out of an airplane and do other insanely crazy stuff. I said he's more than welcome to do it all - as long as I don't know about any of it until after it's all over.

9. He loves babies.

Age 11

He was super with his cousin and now loves his Carson to pieces. It's a good thing, because they adore him back. He's known to have 2 & 3 year old girls look for him at church.

He's a lady killer.

10. He looks out for his friends.

If he knows something that will make their life easier, he's the first to inform them and help them out. He desperately wants to go to camp this summer because it's his friend's first time. He is concerned about him passing the swim test - and just wants to be there for him. It's very sweet.

Now if only I could convince him to think the same about his sister . . .

11. He loves the outdoors.

And unfortunately brings it all indoors with him. He is happiest lost in the woods seeking out wildlife, getting dirty and climbing trees.

12. He's ours.

We love you to bits, Bricey. You teach us how to love, to slow down and to enjoy life.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bubba* Brice!

** Nickname origin: When he was born, Mikayla was 2 years old and she kept calling him "Rice." I set out to correct her and told her he was "Brice. B - B- Brice."

So from then on she called him "Bubba Rice."

And then one day I decided to teach my kids at home . . . you can guess how well that's going . . .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Need for Speed

When there is a Need for Speed, get a little car chasing game and put it on a tiny screen, and watch the magic unfold . . . 

 It can be quite addicting . . .

Oh, wait, he moved . . . I think his "car" turned a corner . . .

And then we are back . . . deep concentration is key.

 A little closer to the nose helps . . . well, something . . .

A little yelling at the game eases the tension . . . 

But the end result is still the same . . . I think he went brain dead.

Ahhh, magic indeed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A plan for world peace . . .

Owen was watching the news this morning and was asking about all the unrest happening in Lybia.

I told him that the people were rioting and demanding freedom.

Here is his solution:
"Oh, I would just take my plastic knight sword out and slap, slap, slap them - cuz it hurts so bad when it hits you."

I'm on the phone to Obama right now.  He's missing out on quite a secret weapon . . .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In case you ever need to know . . .

Here are 9 ways to enjoy a snow day!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The things they say . . .

Owen got stung by a bee . . . never an happy occasion for any child. 

He was feeling a bit better, but not feeling too happy about the bees . . .

He turned to Buff and said,

"Don't you think God said, 'Oops!' when he invented the skinny bees?"

(Skinny bees as apposed to fat bumble bees . . . .)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a . . . . .

So are you ready for the big news?

Because of my "advanced maternal age," I had to have a level 2 ultrasound (which is a bit higher tech and done by a perinatologist who can immediately tell if there are any concerns).

I'm 38.  It kind of cracks me up.

The good news is that the ultrasound appeared normal and reduced the risks.  They are now considering me as a 33 - 34 year old.  In two years, when I turn 40, I'm totally going to use this in my favor . . .   Don't bother with any over the hill parties . . . I have a doctor's note.  Kerry - you're on your own from there.

But . . . you didn't check in to find out all about my age woes.  Here is the real news you came for . . .

I'm measuring 6 days early.  I am banking on going early . . . so Mom, get quilting.

No really, here's the picture . . .

And here's the other pertinent information . . .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What do you think?

It's time for the ultrasound . . .

I have had four babies and never found out the gender during pregnancy.  It was actually fun being surprised in the end. Every kid came home from the hospital  in neutral colors - but it was fun!

But this time is different.  Because we are totally unprepared for this kid coming in October, I need a little more information to help me prepare.  We totally intend on finding out whether it is a boy or a girl.  Now hopefully this child will cooperate . . .

So the big day is Tuesday, June 22.

If you'll notice in the upper right hand corner of the blog there is a poll - I've always wanted a good reason to add one . . . and this seems like a good excuse.  Go ahead and vote and make your prediction.  I'm closing the poll on Tuesday night because once my kids find out - the whole world is going to know . . . and that just wouldn't be fair.

Here is some information that might persuade your vote . . .

  • We have alternated consistently girl, boy, girl, boy . . . so technically we are due for a girl.
  • Everybody in the family really would like a boy . . . so it will probably be a girl (which secretly thrills everyone too . . . but we need someone who can survive the big brother).
  • I have no information on how I am carrying the baby . . . because I am just thick. Because of my long waist, I won't show consistently for another month or two.
  • I craved meat in the first three months. Now I like meat - and anything salty.
  • We have a girl name and a boy name picked out . . . so we are prepared  either way.  NO - We will not share the name until it is born. Something has to be a surprise - and once it's named, your opinion won't matter. You are less likely to share your opinion if it is permanent . . .  (Family names we have to choose from:  Mervil, Isadore, Agnes, Winifred . . . to name a few . . .)
  • I knew confidently when I was having my girls that they were girls.  I waffled constantly between girl and boy when I had my boys.  I have no confidence or solid prediction with this one . . . could that mean . . . .?
  • That ultrasound picture at the top - is mine from this pregnancy.  It was too early to tell gender . . . but if you know how to count . . .

Anything else you want to know?

So go ahead and vote away . . . I'll fill you in as soon as we know . . . if my kids don't tell you first!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Viewer Discretion Advised!

We haven't posted in a while.  It is not as if life has been uneventful.  I thought I would bring you up to date and explain our silence . . .

1.  Here is what Brice has been doing . . . and, therefore, what I . . . the mother . . . have been doing.  If I had thought about this being part of the job description, I may have thought twice about this whole mothering idea.

WARNING . . . this is graphic . . .

Truth - it looks worse than it was . . .

 But if I lived through it . . . so can you . . .

It was an easy fix . . . .thanks to the father being around to bail the mother out.  It required a razor blade and minor surgery.  Moral of the story: Wear shoes when running outside!

And then there is Owen . . .

It's a dislocated thumb . . .

Another easy fix - but a lot more dramatic.

And we can finish with me . . .

Here is what I have been doing . . .

Yep, that's a baby . . .

Yep, that's a surprise!

So that explains my lack of energy to even take a picture . . . let alone post it and write something about it.

We are planning to enjoy our special treasure in October. . .

The kids are thrilled and have already started suggesting names.  I have heard every name of every friend, cousin and tv character ever encountered.  I'm sorry, but I draw the line at Scooby.

Then I have had suggestions such as Tigris and Nile . . . and yes, they were serious.  There was even a mention of Skipper.

Rest assured.  Those children have been officially removed from the Naming Committee.  The only other committee I have formed is the Diapering Committee . . . but it just seems cruel to assign them to that one right away.  I may save it for a motivator later.

So, other than helping to pay for our doctors' summer homes . . . we haven't been up to much . . .

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Carra . . .

From the back of the van . . .

"Hey, Mom!"


I turn to look.

"Hey, Mom, guess what I just learned . . . "

The suspense . . .

"You don't have to chew Jell-O!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

The things they say . . .

I was watching a friend's kids this weekend.

At the end of the day, I instructed the kids to clean up all the messes in the various rooms. Once they got the hang of it, I sent them to the basement to clean up one last mess.

The three boys (ages 4, 5, and 7) stood in the basement debating, arguing, and somewhat discussing the best way to tackle the job.

Sounds like they are ready for the real working world.

I was coming down the stairs to retrieve something and overheard their bantering. I stepped in and instructed one boy to pick up the trucks, the other to pick up the dishes, and the other to pick up the dress-up clothes. They looked at me with amazement like I had solved world peace (which at that moment in my day - I felt I had) and got to work.

As I was heading back up the stairs, I over heard one child say to the others . . .

"Wow, I had no idea your mom was a genius!"

Hey, I am just saying.

Then he stops and says, "Wait! She's a mom - duh! Of course, she's a genius!"

Needless to say, that kid is hanging around my kids a lot in the near future.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The things they say . . .

We have been a bit busy lately . . . but that doesn't mean the kids haven't been talking . . .

1. Owen -

He came to me all excited about the fact that Jesus has died on the cross for his sins. It began a discussion about what sin is. I went on to explain that it is when we do bad things that don't honor God.

Owen - now the expert - continued the conversation to clarify that point . . .

"Yeah, it was a sin when I yelled at you and threw a fit. And it was a sin when you yelled at me for yelling at you . . ."

How quickly they learn . . .

2. Carra -

"Mom, I need a new light bulb in my lamp because it isn't very bright. I need one with more squats."

3. Owen -

Owen named his stuffed dog Bitsy.


He struts into our room this morning and proclaims, "I have decided to change my dog's name to Mitsy. I don't want his name to sound like a swear word any more." (Use your imagination and say "Bitsy" with a bit of a Owen accent. . . he was changing the /s/ to /ch/.)

My question is -after the shock and giggles - How did he know that was a swear word?

How quickly they learn . . .

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sunday Comics . . .

My favorite part of the Sunday paper was always the Sunday comics . . .

Little did I know that I would grow up . . . give birth . . . and actually get to live the Sunday comics.

On our way to church this morning . . .

I hear Carra sigh and exclaim, "How many more years before Owen can get married?"

Owen happily exclaims, "Seven Yeays."

I ask, "But why, Carra?"

Owen interrupts and informs, "Cuz, it's time for me to get a new famiwy."

He pauses, thinks, then keeps informing, "But I'm not sure which one I want to be . . . a teenager, an air-force guy or a parwent."

And there you have it . . .

Owen is getting married at the age of twelve and will be joining the air-force . . .

I'm a little concerned about the teenager - parent part though . . . I really hope the marriage thing works out . . .
Then . . .

Owen was very excited about what he learned in Sunday School this morning . . .

"We learned about Jesus. He was with a lot of people and they went to the edge of the cliff and they were going to chuck Jesus off, but He just turned around and walked through the crowd and made all the people itch their heads."
Hmmm. I missed that one in His list of miracles . . .

I think the comics are still my favorite . . .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Camera . . .

Hello, strangers,

It has been a while since we've checked in. Sorry about that. I have a list of excuses a mile long . . . assuming you even care. The problem is that I make no promises for the future . . . so I'm saving my really good excuses for later use.

I'll give you a clue though . . . the excuses involve peanut-buttered-butter-sugar-sandwiches and reducing fractions.

One of those usually comes with tears . . . .

I have much about our crazy life that I could post, but I'm going to start with my daughter. We do have four children living in our house, but Owen always seems to steal the show. If you ever meet Owen, you'll understand why. It also explains why we only have four . . . Owen.

Today, though I choose to showcase Mikayla. She's thirteen. She no longer does cute things . . . until the day we gave her a camera for her birthday.

I don't know if I want to call this cute . . . (it is kind of sweet . . .)

But I do call this funny . . .

This is what happens when the kids and their cousins are bored . . . and have a new camera to try out.
Is anyone else concerned about Brice?

Because I really think we should be . . .

Oh, and I'm not the only one wondering what in the world is going on up there . . .

The good news . . . the camera has a video camera too.

Stay tuned . . . I'm sure this is only going to get better.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Powers' adventure . . .

There is always someone screaming around here. I don't pay much attention to it.

When the screaming is accompanied by "Oww," it makes me look.

When the screaming is accompanied by "Ow, I hurt myself - and there is blood so it's reawwy, reawwy bad!" (imagine the pitch in the voice getting higher and higher and more desperate with every word as you read that sentence), you now have my full attention.

And it was "reawwy, reawwy" bad.

I also like it when it is cut and dry - yeah, it needs stitches.

We only had our camera phones with us . . . but this time we remembered we could use them.

And I only got lightheaded . . . once . . .

It was all so very traumatic for the poor kid . . .

Here is his "brave" face . . . which magically disappeared when the doctor forgot where he was and started waving the needle around . . .

. . . and when he was crying that it hurt - and he meant his mother squeezing his legs too tightly and not his wrist . . .

Sorry about that, Owen.

Our wonderful nurse Kate distracted him well - because we all know how much he loves to talk. She distracted him a little too well . . .

We are now entering all emergency situations with a release form . . . that they have to sign. It will state something like this . . .

"Please do not hold these parents accountable for anything this child may possibly say while in your presence. If you choose to believe anything he says, you do so at your own risk. Please allow the parents a chance to explain themselves first . . ."

First - he informed everyone that blood tastes like corn on the cob.

Second - he informed everyone that "Liars go to hell."

You should have seen the nurse spin around in her seat. "OWEN! Who told you that?!!!!"

"My brover."

"Oh, he was just trying to scare you . . ."


Then there was some comment to the tissue and muscles in our body being "meat" which lead him to ask if people ever eat dead people. Logical train of thought. Morbid thought, but logical.

It got the nurse's attention again.

The first thing the doctor asked us when he saw it was us needing his help again . . . "Now is he anything like his sister Carra when it comes to pain and stitches?"

There was fear and trepidation in his voice - and she was only 4 at the time he "experienced" her in pain. He hasn't forgotten. She left quite a mark.

So did Owen . . . for very different reasons.

He and Kate left the room giggling and shaking their heads.

When I dreamed of the Powers' family leaving a mark on history . . . this isn't what I had in mind.

And there you have it. Six stitches and a story to tell.

I know what you're thinking . . .

"But how did it happen?"

In Owen's words . . . it will be a running-on-and-on run-on sentence - because that is how he talks . . .

"Well . . . . I was an inja (translated ninja) and I was pretending that I could fly backwards and then stab my sword in the ground and then roll backwards and stand up but when I jumped off the chair I fwiced my hand on Brice's stupid book wight (yes, he said stupid) that he shouldn't leave waying around the wiving woom because it's dangerous."

Yes, because jumping off chairs, flying backwards and rolling on the ground are not at all dangerous - but book lights are.

Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cooper on the front page of the Loveland Reporter Herald

Cooper Powers, 12, tries to escape the path of a snowball thrown by Ricky Martinez, 11, on Wednesday as the sixth-graders have a snowball fight while walking home from Bill Reed Middle School in Loveland. A winter weather system brought 1 to 2 inches of dry snow to Loveland and a high of 21 degrees Wednesday. Today’s high is expected to hit only 17, with a low of 2 below zero tonight. A bit more snow might fall this morning.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The family . . .

This time each year I drag my family out kicking and screaming and tell them to stand still and smile. We have a Christmas picture to take and so help me this is going to be fun. We'll look like a happy family if it's the last thing I do.

It nearly was.

I've since seen this face in many of my dreams. Now you can see it too.

You're welcome.

Two seconds before this shot I heard, "Mom, I REALLY have to pee!"

Yep. Looks like it.

Really, Owen. Just one more picture.

We allowed all the kids to take their turn at shooting a picture of us.


Carra. Wha-hoo. Both of my chins are in focus.


I will not tell you what Buff was doing next to me in these shots to get them to "smile".

It wouldn't be proper.

But then things calmed some and I got some shots of my children as they really are.

Beautiful. Obedient. Smiling.

Stop laughing and start scrolling.

Mikayla - 13 years old
13 . . . Really??? Am I old enough to have a teenager???

Carra - 7 years

Yep, that's me.

Yep, that's Buff and me.

Owen - He'll be 5 years in 4 weeks.

We got his hair to stay down for 2 3/4 minutes.

Explain to me again how my "baby" is turning 5 . . . ?????

Brice - 10 years

This kid loves, loves, loves his dad. Good thing because he looks just like him.

And there you have it.

One big happy family.